What Usually Happens Every Mondays?

Monday is the official first day of the week and it comes after a relaxing Sunday, when all nerves are calm.

A lot of people due to one reason or the other dislike Monday especially Monday Morning.

Below are some of the things that usually happen on Monday morning.

1. Waking Up Early

Unlike other days of the week especially weekends when one can wake up late, Mondays are actually different.

You have to be up as early as possible to avoid traffic.

2. Whatever you do on Monday’s will go on like that till the end of the week

This may look like a superstitious belief but it actually do occur.

Your week days will depend on how you start your Monday.

As a student, if you start Monday with lashes of cane, just be prepared for it all through that week.

As a worker, if you turn up late at work on a Monday, you are going to get late to work for that week.

3. Everyone look Fresh on Monday

This is usually due to the nerves that have calmed down during the week, or the new hair style everyone had done during the weekend.

So there is kind of freshness even in the dressing.

4. Everyone look busy

Yes, Mondays are usually liken to busy days.

People would be seen moving from office to office for one or two duties.

5. Time to return to that job you left unattended to on during the weekend

In most cases, many people return to the job they left undone on Friday to continue on Monday.

It is Monday again, what’s on your mind?

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